Fold and Insert.

Hold between your thumb & forefinger to squeeze. Insert by gliding it back & down towards tailbone.

Once your cup is completely in the vagina, slowly remove your fingers. The cup will unfold causing a suction seal. Adjust the cup by gently pushing for a comfortable position

To make sure your cup is firmly in place and fully open slightly insert your finger; touching the base of the cup and checking for any folds or indents sway your cup side by side to release the folds and create the suction


Wash your hands with mild soap and water before you start. Sit, Stand or squat with one leg raised. Insert your finger and feel the base of your cup. Gently pinch the bottom of the cup to break the seal and slowly pull the cup down.

Pour the contents into the toilet and be sure to use cold water to rince your cup. This will prevent staining your cup. You may then reinsert using your preferred fold

Once your done using your cup wash with desired method. STERLIZE further using boiling water for no longer than 3 minutes. Let the air dry and place in its pouch for your next use

Stress Free Periods

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