My Story

My Story

My name is Ebby Weyime. Actress, model and entrepreneur.

I have always had problems with pads and tampons. They would leak, have a terrible smell and leave me feeling wet and uncomfortable.  I started looking for solutions. A product that would solve this problem, save money and environmentally friendly.

That's when I came across the menstrual cup. My period has never been the same again. I can do anything I need to do without worrying about leakages, discomfort or bad smell. Now I am back home to introduce the 'The Grace Cup' .

The first and only menstrual cup brand in Kenya. Made from 100% medical grade silicon and nothing else. We are FDA approved and I regularly visit the factory to make sure you are getting the best menstrual cup in the market. When used correctly, I can personally guarantee it will last you 10 YEARS saving you more than Ksh. 30,000. You will never ever use pads or tampons again. Start using The Grace Cup TODAY and  experience the best period of your life! 


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